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In Kentucky, there are over 8,000 children in out of home care with an average age of 9.8 years old. Nearly 2,000 children  have a goal of adoption, with 855 of them are considered eligible for adoption. And of those 855 children, 355 children do not currently have identified families. This information and much more can be found at the Cabinet for Health and Family Services recently updated website.

The newly organized website helps to better inform the public about foster care and adoption. It provides information on how to become a foster parent, including an easy to follow step-by-step process and a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). The new website also provides information on becoming an adoptive parent and the types of adoptions that are available to families.

One adoption opportunity is the Special Needs Adoption Program (SNAP) which is geared toward those who would like to adopt children from foster care. This process is through DCBS and has no cost to the family. Children in SNAP are considered special needs for a variety of reasons, including: exposure to abuse or neglect, being older or part of a sibling group, having a specific educational or physical need, having no known relatives, or a combination of these.

Another adoption opportunity is through a private agency, which generally have associated costs. Independent and private adoptions can occur through private agencies or directly between a birth parent and a relative or non-relative adoptive parent. There are also opportunities for out-of-state and international adoptions.

Whether you are just beginning to think about these options or you are ready to get started, the updated website has the information you need in order to help make an informed decision.

Every child deserves a family and a safe place to call home. If you are considering foster care or adoption for your family, you’ve already taken the first step. Not sure if foster care or adoption is for you? Check out this brief self-assessment provided by the North American Council on Adoptable Children to help make an informed decision on adopting or fostering.

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