Children’s Advocacy Day is an opportunity for youth across Kentucky to connect with legislators, share their stories, and advocate for policy changes that will give them a brighter future. One way that young people are seen and heard during Children’s Advocacy Day is in the tunnel that connects the Capitol Building to the Legislative Annex; each year advocates hang posters in the tunnel featuring art and quotes from Kentucky kids.

This year, in partnership with the Kentucky Association of Food Banks, we asked kids what it took for them to be “Healthy Kids, Strong Kids, Successful Kids.” For example, what is dinner like in their house? Why is it important for kids to be healthy? What do youth need from their leaders to be successful?

We hope that legislators will keep “Healthy Kids, Strong Kids, Successful Kids” in mind throughout the 2018 General Assembly. If you missed the posters during Children’s Advocacy Day, you can check them out in the gallery below.

Thank you to the follow organizations for their contributions to the Children’s Advocacy Day art display: Berea Partners in Education Promising Appalachian Leaders in Service, Boys and Girls Club of Glasgow, and Southside Elementary (Shelby County) 3rd Graders. And thank you to many other kids across Kentucky for their contributions!