picnicHamburgers, ice cream, hot dogs… summer is packed with kids’ favorite foods. Whether they are at summer camp, the ballpark, or a family cookout, kids will be surrounded by these delicious, yet not so healthy, foods. So how can you ensure that the kids in your life are eating a healthy diet this summer?

Below are some nutrition tips for summer from the US Department of Agriculture. You can view these tips and more on the USDA website, here.

  • Go for whole grains: choose breads and cereals that have “whole” in the name of the first ingredient. Keep this in mind when buying sandwich buns for your burgers.
  • Make your plate colorful: choose dark, leafy greens, oranges, yellow peppers, red tomatoes, purple grapes, pink strawberries. Your plate should look like a rainbow.
  • Choose lower-fat options: choose low-fat (1%) or fat-free (skim) milk, lean cuts of meat, fish, nuts and beans. Grilled chicken is a great cookout option.
  • Make healthy snacks the easy option: keep fresh, washed fruits and vegetables in easy-to-reach places for kids. The chips and cookies can go up high.

All children deserve to have access to healthy foods. Check out this website for a listing of all the community-based and government programs in Kentucky that provide summer meals to those kids who do not have access to healthy foods.