Kentucky Youth Advocates’ Health Youth Ambassadors cohort, made up of high school students from across the state, joined hundreds of fellow young people, community advocates, and elected officials at the Capitol for the Rally for Kentucky Kids on February 8th – the first in-person rally with child advocates since 2020.

The cohort took part in a two-day Children’s Advocacy Week Retreat in Frankfort where they spent time prepping Tuesday evening before Wednesday’s Rally Day at the Capitol. Students were able to dig into health policy issues, craft and practice advocacy elevator pitches, and network with other young advocates. 

On Wednesday, the Health Youth Ambassadors had the opportunity to tour the Capitol grounds, lead cheers during the Rally for Kentucky Kids, meet with Lt. Governor Coleman, and connect with legislators and other elected officials throughout the day.

Here is what some our Health Youth Ambassadors had to say about their Children’s Advocacy Week experience this year:

“The retreat experience was great. I was able to advocate for kids while also getting to meet many great people including senators and the Governor. I was able to show what KYA was about and lead many chants during the Rally Day. It was very enjoyable, and I can’t wait to do it next year.” – Jordan, Bullitt County

“Lots of youth spend their entire childhood believing that they are alone and that no one will understand the struggles they’re going through. Children’s Advocacy Week contradicts that exact feeling, instead shining the spotlight on the youth so their voice is heard most prominently. I was insanely grateful to have the opportunity to share my experiences and abilities in a way that provides a better future for Kentucky kids.” – Kirsten, Graves County

“It was amazing! I really wish more people could do this. It’s something I will never forget!” – Christian, Knott County

“The rally and retreat was truly amazing. Seeing people come together and be so passionate about Kentucky’s youth shows that Kentucky really does care. Hundreds of people under the same roof all there for the same cause was an amazing feeling.” – Kyleigh, Menifee County

We would like to thank this year’s Health Youth Ambassadors cohort for their continued leadership, dedication, and hard work as they advocate and make change on behalf of their peers and all of Kentucky kids and families.

A special thank you to the Trager Family Foundation for their support of the Health Youth Ambassadors program