2015KidsCountBadge_3On Sunday, we are releasing the 25th edition of the Kentucky KIDS COUNT County Data Book. Be sure to return to our website on Sunday to check it out. When you do, here is a checklist you can use to make sure you take full advantage of the 2015 County Data Book.

  • Find out how your county ranks on overall child well-being on pages 14-15 of the County Data Book.
    • Use those pages to see whether your county’s ranking differs dramatically from your neighboring counties and those you would consider to be your peer counties.
    • REMINDER: Do not compare your county’s ranking this year to previous years. They are not comparable because of changes to our child well-being index.
  • Review the Economic Security, Education, Health, and Family & Community data tables in the book to learn how your county is faring on the 16 key indicators of child well-being that make up our index of child well-being.
    • Note whether your county is doing better or worse than the state as a whole for each data point.
    • Again, compare how well your county is doing to your neighboring counties and peer counties. This can help you identify communities to reach out to for ideas on local policy or practice changes to consider implementing.
  • BONUS TIP: Don’t forget that the KIDS COUNT Data Center has many, many more indicators of child and family well-being for your county and school district than what you’ll find in the County Data Book. Check it out for a thorough picture of children in your community!

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