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A Cycle of Debt: Kentucky Families Share Their Experiences with Payday Lending and Other High-Cost Financial Services, June 2009

All families need reasonably-priced financial services to pay bills and provide for their families. Yet, low-income families in Kentucky often pay higher prices than higher-income families for basic financial services, such as cashing a check or taking out a small loan. This report presents information that was shared by low-income working families across the state about their financial situations and use of financial products, specifically payday loans. DOWNLOAD NOW

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Payday Lending: Whittling Away at Working Families’ Income, February 2008

All families need a steady, stable income to meet basic needs and support their children’s healthy development, yet many Kentucky families struggle to make it until their next payday. Some families rely on short-term payday loans to make ends meet, but working Kentuckians lose millions of dollars annually in fees paid for these loans.  This report details the higher costs low-income families pay for goods and services. DOWNLOAD NOW

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The High Price of Being Poor in Kentucky, July 2007

Lower-income families in Kentucky often pay hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars more in higher prices for basic necessities than their higher-income neighbors. Although not a new problem, the costs today are much greater in scope. This report examines the prices charged to lower-income families in Kentucky for basic necessities: financial services, auto-related products, home financing and household goods, and groceries. DOWNLOAD NOW

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The High Cost of Being Poor: Families Speak Out, July 2007

To better understand how the “high cost of being poor” is affecting local families, Kentucky Youth Advocates conducted in-depth interviews and focus groups throughout the Commonwealth. In this report, KYA focused on how families manage the costs of basic goods and services, and what they think is needed to help bring down these costs. DOWNLOAD NOW

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