As interpersonal communications theory suggests, “communication is the relationship”. This is a relatively straight-forward concept- the more quality information, emotions and plans for the future that are exchanged between two individuals, the stronger the relationship.  By improving the quality of your communication, it’s a way of showing you care.

We at Kentucky Youth Advocates (KYA) care deeply about our relationships with our donors, volunteers, members of partnering organizations and, most importantly the children for whom we advocate. Therefore, we have made some recent additions to our existing channels of communication so that there is a way to engage everyone who follows all the new and interesting things that are coming up at Kentucky Youth Advocates. Here is a brief description of how to get connected:


KYA is now on Google+ ( Google Plus is still in the developmental stages, but has the potential to be a really popular social networking site, as is combines the “hash-tag” function of Twitter with the Timeline appeal of Facebook.

You can follow KYA on Google+ by simply going to and creating an account with your email then add ‘Kentucky Youth Advocates’ to “your circles”- similar to ‘liking’ a page on Facebook or following someone on Twitter.


LinkedIn is the prevalent professional networking website that links users with colleagues and other professionals with whom they would like to connect. Additionally, users can follow organizations to keep up with their current professional projects and how they interact with partnering societies.

By connecting with Kentucky Youth Advocates on LinkedIn, you can keep up with the progress of our current projects, including KIDS COUNT, and our connections with groups such as the Face It Campaign and the Kentucky Voices for Health Children’s Health Task Force.

We Appreciate Your Feedback

Communication is not a one-way street. We value your opinions and want to know the best way to communicate with you! If you have any suggestions that you would like Kentucky Youth Advocates to implement, contact us and let us know. We look forward to building stronger relationships with all those connected to KYA.