April is Child Abuse Prevention Month – commonly marked by citizens rallying across the Commonwealth and the nation to raise awareness of the prevalence of child abuse in our communities. Yesterday, Kentucky Youth Advocates joined Kosair Charities and several other partners at Slugger Field in Louisville for a rally to end child abuse. The rally also served as the official launch of the Face It campaign, a ten-year initiative led by Kosair Charities to end child abuse in Jefferson County and the surrounding areas.

The Face It campaign recognizes that child abuse has a thousand faces and that we can all be the face that helps end child abuse. The face of the parent who knows it is happening, and knows it won’t stop until they speak out. The face of the teacher who suspects it, and says so. The face of the coach who knows the difference between tough love and a hurting child. The face of the pastor who chooses to be a guardian angel. The face of the neighbor who hears it and raises their voice against it. Look in the mirror; YOU are the face that helps ends child abuse.

We are one of the 18 partner organizations working with Kosair Charities on the Face It campaign, but know it will take those thousands of faces, including YOU, to make the ambitious goal of ending child abuse a reality. Will you become an Ambassador for the Face It Movement by signing this pledge? The Face It website (faceitabuse.org) provides the latest statistics on child abuse in Jefferson County and the state as a whole, tips for recognizing the signs and symptoms of child abuse, and additional resources.

A quick and easy first step all of us can take is to share the Face It infographic with your circle of friends including your religious community, book clubs, membership associations, neighbors and others you know who commonly interact with children in their professions. We also encourage you to share the infographic on your Facebook page, Pinterest boards and other social media outlets. This document synthesizes the prevalence of the problem, tips for prevention, tools for parents, and ways all of us can make a difference.

Finally, “like” the Face It Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/faceitabuse to spread the word. Let’s all work together to be the faces that end child abuse.