Every year, the first Sunday after Labor Day, the United States recognizes and celebrates Grandparents.  

Grandparents are important members of our families as they are the keepers of our family history, provide insight and advice on life’s milestones, and help keep family connected. In Kentucky, there are tens of thousands of grandparents who have also stepped up to raise their grandchildren.   

There are several reasons for grandparents to raise their grandchildren, including parental death, parental substance abuse, military deployment, child abuse and neglect, parental mental and physical health issues, and parental disability. Research tells us that grandparents raising their grandchildren, as well as other relatives raising kids, known as kinship care, is best for children because it reduces trauma at parental separation and helps children keep ties to their family. 

Whether the grandparent in your life is raising a grandchild or not, there are several ways you can celebrate them this Grandparents Day, September 10th.  

Ways you can celebrate: 

  • Let your grandparents, grandchildren, and other older and younger people in your life know you think they are special. 
  • Encourage your friends and family to visit or connect with their grandparents, grandchildren, and grand-friends. 
  • #DoSomethingGrand for grandparents you know who have stepped up to raise their grandchildren. 
  • Post your favorite pictures of your grandparents or write about a special memory you’ve shared with them on Twitter or Facebook. Use the hashtag #KYGrandparents or #KYKinshipFamilies in your caption to get the message trending. 

Whether you were raised by a grandparent or not, take a few moments to say thanks and remember how they have been a special part of your life.

Learn more about grandparents raising grandchildren and other kinship families in Kentucky via the Kinship Families Coalition of Kentucky.