On Wednesday, March 7, 2012 over 70 dental professionals, public health professionals, local coalition members, advocates, policymakers, educators, and others gathered in Frankfort, Kentucky for the launch of the Kentucky Oral Health Coalition. The meeting was packed with networking among diverse stakeholders, discussions on coalition priorities, and excitement for next steps.

The mission of the Kentucky Oral Health Coalition is to “Improve the oral health of all people of Kentucky” and the vision is that “All people of Kentucky can enjoy optimal oral health for life.” The Kentucky Oral Health Coalition plans to accomplish this through the following goals:

  1. “To advocate for improved access to oral and general health prevention, services, and education for all people of Kentucky by 2020.”
  2. “To promote and encourage active interaction, effective collaboration, and cooperation between all providers of oral and general health care and individuals and populations within Kentucky needing oral health services, prevention, and education, through the establishment of public-private partnerships by 2014.”
  3. “To actively participate, communicate and encourage relationships of the Kentucky Oral Health Coalition with other advocacy groups in promoting oral and overall health for all people of Kentucky beginning in 2012.”

We invite all who are interested to become an official member of the Kentucky Oral Health Coalition. Our first members meeting will be held later this summer at which time members will adopt bylaws, determine official policy priorities, and elect officers. Visit http://kyoralhealthcoalition.org/ for more info!