Ask your state Representative, especially if they are a member of the House Judiciary Committee, to support Senate Bill 56 to protect kids from the harms of e-cigarettes and other tobacco products by raising the legal sale age of tobacco products to 21.


Ask your state Representative to support House Bill 32 to protect kids’ health by enacting a tax on e-cigarettes equal to that on cigarettes.


During the 2020 Kentucky General Assembly, take action on behalf of kids above and stay up-to-date on bill movement on our Bill Tracker.

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House Bill 1: Improvements to a System that Keeps Kids Safe

All Kentucky kids deserve to be in safe, loving, and stable homes. Last year, the House Working Group on Adoptions began formally meeting with the goal of bringing innovative reforms to the adoption process in Kentucky. However, the Working Group moved well beyond the scope of adoptions and took a comprehensive look at the whole continuum of care within the child welfare system. With the bipartisan leadership of Representatives David Meade and Joni Jenkins, the [...]

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Celebrating Kentucky Grandparents

Every year, the first Sunday after Labor Day, the United States recognizes and celebrates Grandparents.   Grandparents are important members of our families as they are the keepers of our family history, provide insight and advice on life’s milestones, and help keep family connected. In Kentucky, there are tens of thousands of grandparents who have also stepped up to raise their grandchildren.    There are several reasons for grandparents to raise their grandchildren, including parental death, parental substance abuse, military [...]

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The Sixth Circuit Court Ruling: What Does it Mean for Relative Caregivers?

Every kid needs a family and a safe place to call home. On January 27, 2017, the Sixth Circuit Court ruled that the Cabinet for Health and Family Services (Cabinet) must provide foster care maintenance payments to “approved” relatives caring for children placed by the Cabinet, affirming that core belief in the importance of family. When kids can’t live safely with their parents, the next best alternative is to live with a family member. Placement [...]

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Ending Child Abuse is Up to All of Us

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month and Kentucky Youth Advocates is a proud partner of the Face It® Movement to End Child Abuse. The Face It Movement was conceived and created in 2012 as a response to the public outcry against the increasing number of child abuse deaths in the Commonwealth, and it officially launched in April 2013 as an initiative led by Kosair Charities®. Face It directly addresses the unacceptable incidences of child abuse [...]

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A Journey to Find a Family

When the child welfare system enters a child’s life and determines they are not safe at home, the child’s journey into the out-of-home care system begins. Potential placements include: A recent story on NPR’s Youth Radio details a young man’s 20 years spent in the foster care system. He entered out-of-home care as a baby, his siblings scattered through the system, and finally left the system at age 21. He says they were separated and [...]

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National Adoption Month: Finding a Forever Family

In Kentucky, there are nearly 1,800 children with a goal of adoption as part of the plans created for them by adults making very tough decisions. Being without a family should not be part of any child’s plan. It is, however, the unfortunate reality for many children in the Commonwealth and across the United States. As we start off the month of November, a month where many make plans for family gatherings to celebrate Thanksgiving, [...]

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Why are Kentucky’s Kids Continuing to Die from Abuse and Neglect?

Children should never be just numbers in a report. Especially when those numbers are about kids who have died or suffered serious injury as a result of abuse or neglect. Every child deserves to be safe from harm, yet the sad reality is that many kids are not. Last week the Department for Community Based Services (DCBS) released their annual report on child fatalities and near fatalities due to abuse and neglect. The report looks at several [...]

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Do Something Grand: Grandparents Day 2016

In September, the nation celebrates grandparents. Grandparents can play several roles in a child’s life, including role model, friend, and caregiver. They do extraordinary things like providing child care as respite for parents and making children feel special in order to support their families. And many grandparents across Kentucky and the nation are doing something grand everyday by stepping up to help raise their grandchildren when the child’s parents are unable. In Kentucky, an estimated [...]

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Tips for a Safe and Successful Back to School Transition

Back-to-school time can mean a lot of changes for students and their younger siblings, parents, and teachers. Even when the change is positive and brings along new opportunities, it can often bring about stress. Below are some ideas to help get you through the transition whether you are a teacher, parent, or a person who loves them. Reducing stress and strengthening relationships keeps kids safe and connects families and their community. Talk to Your Kids Some [...]

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5 Reasons HANDS is Good for You and Your Baby’s Health

Kentucky’s Health Access Nurturing Development Services, HANDS, is a free, voluntary program for moms-to-be and first time parents who would like support and education throughout pregnancy and the first two years of the baby’s life. The HANDS program is provided in every county in Kentucky for first time parents, and in nearly every county for parents who have more than one child. There are several reasons to participate in the HANDS program, and the positive [...]

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