The political conventions are over and election season is about to ratchet up one more notch with the upcoming presidential and vice presidential debates, starting next month. Kentucky will be front and center on October 11 when Joe Biden and Paul Ryan face off at Centre College. The big question at hand for Kentucky Youth Advocates and our partners across the state is, will the candidates address children’s issues?

With new data showing us that 27 percent, or over 1 in 4 Kentucky children live in poverty, it’s hard to argue that there isn’t a more pressing problem facing our country. There is a wide body of research to tell us that growing up in poverty is the single greatest threat to children’s well-being.

That’s why we are joining Half in Ten and Every Child Matters’ twitter campaign aimed at the presidential and vice presidential debate moderators. We want the moderators to ask the candidates what they will do to alleviate child poverty.


You can join too!

2 Ways to Tweet the Moderators:

Use our one-click tweet to #TalkPoverty

Or, create your own tweet. To make an impact your tweet should include:

1. Ask candidates how they’ll reduce #childpoverty in 1st #100days 2. @NewsHour 3. #TalkPoverty 4. Your own statistic, picture, link to tell your own story

Learn more about the campaign and sign up for updates at