It takes many voices to make sure the system of juvenile justice–including courts, the Department of Juvenile Justice, law enforcement, and other stakeholders–is working for kids, families, and the community. The perspectives and input of individuals of color bring a critical voice to the table, as youth of color are overrepresented in the juvenile justice system. Now is a critical time for a diverse group of stakeholders as Kentucky’s system of juvenile justice implements major reforms put in place with SB 200. The Youth Justice Leadership Institute provides an opportunity to cultivate and support emerging leaders of color who are committed to making positive changes.

Do you know a professional of color who wants to set the youth justice world on fire? Tell them to apply to the National Juvenile Justice Network’s 2015-2016 Youth Justice Leadership Institute.

The Institute is a robust, year-long fellowship program run by the National Juvenile Justice Network that focuses on cultivating and supporting professionals of color. Its goal is to help build the foundation for a more effective juvenile justice reform movement by developing a strong base of advocates and organizers who reflect the communities most affected by juvenile justice system practices and policies.

Applications are due April 6, 2014. Learn more here.

YJLI Brochure