The Smoke-Free Kentucky campaign is now in full swing!  Rep. Susan Westrom introduced House Bill 289 that will make all workplaces in Kentucky smoke-free. Now is the time for your legislators to hear from you.  Even if you have contacted them before, please take just a minute to call your House Representative.

Call  1-800-372-7181 and ask your legislator to vote for House Bill 289 to protect the rights of all Kentuckians to breathe smoke-free air at work or inside public places, like restaurants and bars.

Please ask your friends and family to do the same. The tobacco industry is mobilizing their supporters and powerful lobbyists to oppose this bill. Let’s make sure that legislators hear from the majority of voters who support  a smoke-free workplace law. We can’t make this happen without your support. Please take action today and let us know what you hear from your legislators.

If you do not know who your House member is you can click here to find your legislators.