Danville Rally 2

The 2015 general election is just days away! Here are five reasons why Kentucky kids are depending on you to show up at your polling place on November 3rd:

1. Kids aren’t old enough (yet) to vote, so they’re counting on you to advocate on their behalf. Whether they’re 17 days old or 17 years old, our youth need you to be their voice.

2. Big policies affect individual children. Many of the issues being debated in campaigns will affect kids you know—in your family, in your child’s classroom, or on the neighborhood playground.

3. Voters need to challenge elected officials to stand up for kids. A high voter turnout encourages them to do so and helps all of us hold elected officials accountable when they make decisions affecting kids and families.

4. State elections (like this one) are just as important as national elections. Don’t wait until 2016 to cast your vote on behalf of kids. The offices up for grabs this November will impact kids’ lives for at least the next four years.

5. Every vote matters. Sometimes elections are decided by a handful of votes. These elections are too important to kids to leave up to someone else.

Need to find your polling place, or want to preview the candidates who will be on your ballot? Visit the Kentucky Voter Information Center to learn more.