By Lacey McNary

KET_Lacey & Dr. Hancock JonesThank you to Kentucky Educational Television (KET) for devoting significant air time to covering oral health issues in the Commonwealth this upcoming year. The Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky is supporting the television station in covering all aspects of oral health – the need and solutions from pre-natal to elderly; from policy to on-the-ground prevention. As oral health advocates and experts share their experiences, public awareness is being raised.

As a longtime Kentucky Oral Health Coalition (KOHC) member and advocate, I was honored to be asked to contribute to the conversation. Dr. Laura Hancock Jones, the chair of KOHC and I were guests on Renee Shaw’s show – Connections, an “interview series that gives voice to everyday heroes and sheds light on issues affecting women and minorities across Kentucky.” We covered a full gamut of topics, including social justice, the importance of prevention, and some of the policy solutions aimed at improving oral health.

Tune in on Friday at 5:00 pm EST for Connections with Renee Shaw on KET2 to watch the episode highlighting oral health in Kentucky. View a preview here.