Andrea Bennett

Statement by Terry Brooks, executive director of Kentucky Youth Advocates

We applaud the Senate Judiciary Committee for passing HB 40 to allow expungement for certain low-level felonies. We also thank Representative Darryl Owens for sponsoring the bill. We especially appreciate the work of President Stivers and Senator Westerfield for their work on language that will help the bill move forward this year. Approximately 13 percent of Kentucky children have lived with a parent or guardian who has served time in jail or prison – the highest rate in the nation. For this group of children, the conversations about adult expungement are more than about giving an adult a second chance. Parents with criminal records frequently have a hard time getting a good job, furthering their education, and finding stable housing due to criminal records checks. Expungement will allow parents who have served their time and stayed on track better provide for their children. Working across chambers on adult expungement is a true testament to the commitment of leaders in the House and Senate. We look forward to the full Senate taking up HB 40 and passing it this legislative session.