Today was a great day for kids in Frankfort as SB 119, which will ensure educators receive important information on how to recognize signs of child abuse, passed the Kentucky House. The Senate then concurred with the House changes which means this bill is on to the Governor for his signature!

With an average of 49 kids each day experiencing abuse, over half of them school age, it’s important for all professionals who regularly interact with children to be equipped to keep kids safe. This bill will support the great job teachers already do by providing them with education on how to identify and report child abuse.

We thank the bill’s sponsor Senator Julie Raque Adams, as well as the sponsor of the companion bill, House Bill 301, Representative Rita Smart. We also thank all of the co-sponsors of the companion bills. We thank House and Senate Leadership for moving this bill to final passage on this last day before veto days. Finally, we thank both chambers for putting the safety of kids first by acting on this important piece of legislation. That is the exact type of bi-partisan work we appreciate so much by our legislators in Frankfort. They have taken several steps to prevent child abuse in this state over the last several years. Kids will be safer as a result of SB 119, and we are excited for the Governor to receive SB 119 on his desk.