Jeffersontown, KY – Today’s passage of SB 119 by the Kentucky Senate is an encouraging step forward in the effort to protect children from abuse and neglect. SB 119 will support the great job educators do in protecting children by ensuring they receive education on recognizing signs of child abuse and neglect. This is an important step forward, as school personnel are one of the only groups of professionals who, despite being mandated reporters, are not required to receive this type of education. SB 119 will ensure teachers are equipped to recognize warning signs of abuse and know how to intervene to help children.

We thank the bill’s sponsor Senator Julie Raque Adams and co-sponsors, Senators C.B. Embry, Morgan McGarvey, and Reginald Thomas for their support of the bill. We also thank Senate leadership for their continued commitment to keep children safe from abuse and neglect with this important piece of legislation and for all Senators who voted for the bill. We now look forward to the House considering SB 119.