Andrea Bennett

Statement by Dr. Terry Brooks, executive director of Kentucky Youth Advocates

Some 2 out of 3 Kentucky 4th graders do not meet national standards for reading, and 7 out of 10 Kentucky 8th graders do not meet national standards in math. Those kind of results highlight the need for a fundamental reform of public education in the Commonwealth.

SB 1 delivers that fundamental reform. SB 1 places a priority on learning rather than testing. SB 1 ensures that the learning drives testing rather than testing driving the rhythms of Kentucky’s classrooms. SB 1 places a priority on leadership from local educators. SB 1 broadens postsecondary readiness to reflect the 21st century economy into which today’s students will enter. SB 1 holds schools accountable but, that accountability is transparent, rigorous and realistic.

In other words, SB 1 is animated by a priority on student learning. If Kentucky is to become the best place in America to be young, public school improvement is vital.  SB 1 is a catalyst in that kind of fundamental change, and the clear winners will be Kentucky’s young people as they learn for today and prepare for tomorrow.