Tonight the Senate took an historic step by passing HB 8 to extend protective orders to people in dating relationships. This legislation represents a  priority on the Blueprint for Kentucky’s Children because it will help protect victims of teen dating violence and children of parents who experience dating violence. With violence having such a negative long-term impact on child health and well-being, it is imperative to provide immediate protections to people in these situations.

We thank Senate leadership for working on a bi-partisan solution to HB 8 and for bringing it to the floor for a vote. We thank all Senators who stood up for the safety of children by voting for the bill today. There are just a few hours left in the General Assembly, so we now ask the Kentucky House to concur with the Senate changes and send HB 8 to the Governor’s desk for his signature.

After several years of trying to extend these protections, HB 8 is close to becoming a reality. This will be yet another reason to thank the Kentucky legislature for prioritizing the safety of children in the Commonwealth this session.