Mara Powell

Statement by Terry Brooks, executive director of Kentucky Youth Advocates

The appointment of Daniel Dumas as Kentucky’s child welfare czar underscores Governor Matt Bevin’s commitment to children and families.

This new position carries real potential as a catalyst for change. And we hope that the Governor and the Czar will embrace the call for revolution and not incremental improvement around the child welfare system, be that about adoptions or preserving families, kinship care or abuse and neglect prevention. Real change is predicated on making kids a priority as the state budget is crafted. You cannot support children without investing real dollars into the system that ensure every kid is safe, healthy, and resilient.

The ethical obligation for every leader in Frankfort is to continue to translate ideas into action when it comes to kids. The Governor and General Assembly did exactly that during the 2017 session and we are confident in that same commitment in 2018 and beyond.