Kentucky families and local economies won today as Governor Beshear announced that the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) would be restored in early August.  Particularly significant is the Governor’s commitment to increase eligibility from its current level – 100% – to 140% this fiscal year with an increase to 150% of poverty in July 2015.  That means parents can keep their jobs and ensure quality care for their children.  That means child care centers – such a vital element of the small business community across the Commonwealth – can sustain viable operations.  That means the power of quality early childhood experiences in health outcomes and preparedness for school will deepen.

Governor Beshear, Senator Stivers, Speaker Stumbo and many other state leaders played vital roles in making CCAP restoration a 2014 Frankfort priority and today, the Governor turned a commitment into a reality for thousands of Kentucky families.

This is the rarest of all political events – a win win win win.  Kids win.  Families win.  Local economies win.  And the state budget – in the long term – will win as well. We thank the Governor today for again showing his deep commitment to prioritizing Kentucky kids and families.