Two bills with identical language moving through each chamber made it a step closer to becoming reality in the Kentucky legislature today to help protect children from abuse and neglect. HB 301 sponsored by Representative Rita Smart passed the Senate Education Committee and SB 119 sponsored by Senator Julie Raque Adams passed the House Education Committee today. These bills will ensure that educators, who already do a great job of keeping kids safe, receive important information to help them recognize signs of abuse and know how to report it.

We thank Chairman Derrick Graham of the House Education Committee and Chairman Mike Wilson of the Senate Education Committee for hearing these important pieces of legislation and all members who voted for the bills today. We also thank both chambers for moving each other’s bills forward for the benefit of children. With 49 children per day experiencing abuse or neglect, we know these bills need to happen this session. We appreciate the chambers putting children first and taking action on these bills.

We now ask the full House to act on SB 119 and the full Senate to act on HB 301 in the final days of session. Kentucky children will be safer as a result.