Governor Steve Beshear’s Kentucky Competes tax reform plan is a step in the right direction for Kentucky kids and families. We wholeheartedly agree that in order to continue to move the Commonwealth forward in creating an educated and healthy workforce and helping families and children meet basic needs, we need to rethink our tax code. We were especially pleased to see the inclusion of a state Earned Income Tax Credit in the plan. We know a state Earned Income Tax Credit gets and keeps people working and is a proven way to help lift families out of poverty. It also boosts local economies. This is definitely one aspect of the Governor’s proposal that both parties can agree on and act on this session. We appreciate the Governor’s leadership in putting this proposal forward.

During the many discussions this session around this proposal, we ask legislators to keep the needs of Kentucky kids and families at the forefront of the debates.  Kentucky’s future depends on a modern tax code that supports working families to be financially secure and raises adequate revenue to cover services we know are effective for prevention or early intervention to address challenges facing Kentucky children. In the long-term, Kentucky’s state budget will be better off if we make wise investments to help every child thrive in childhood and succeed as adults.