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Statement by Terry Brooks, executive director, on Funding for Child Care in the Final Proposed Budget

By | 2014-03-30T10:11:14+00:00 March 30th, 2014|News Room|
Andrea Bennett

Jeffersontown, KY – Budgets are about tough choices. And the good news is that the final budget proposed by the House and Senate places a priority on Kentucky’s kids in  many ways. While there are several key kid components to applaud, we especially want to underscore the progress made in restoring funding for the Child Care Assistance Program.

Do we wish that full restoration of the program, which was cut last year, could have occurred in the immediate? Absolutely, and there will be far too many Kentucky families who have to struggle deciding whether to work or ensure their kids are cared for safely for the next twelve months. This is because funding for only partial restoration was included in the first year of the budget. But this budget will start to help Kentucky’s hard-working families and local economies begin to rebound from the impact of these cuts last spring, and that’s very good news. Parents can work; children will be cared for in safe and caring places; the very vital industry of child care can begin get back on its feet; and, -through higher employment and local prosperity – the overall state budget will win.

There are not many win-win-win-wins in any budget – the restoration of the Child Care Assistance Program is just that.