Mara Powell

Statement by Terry Brooks, executive director of Kentucky Youth Advocates

We thank the Kentucky General Assembly for sending SB 120 to Governor Bevin’s desk for signature. SB 120, sponsored by Whitney Westerfield, will help parents who have served their time get back to work, not re-offend, and care for their children after reentry into the community. In Kentucky, 13% of kids have experienced parental incarceration, the highest rate in the nation. SB 120 represents a strong step to help parents leaving incarceration be better prepared to re-enter the workforce, support their family, and become a productive, contributing member of their community.

We applaud Governor Matt Bevin, Secretary of the Justice and Public Safety Cabinet John Tilley, Secretary of the Labor Cabinet Derrick Ramsey, and Senator Whitney Westerfield for championing this bill and promoting successful reentry after people, including many parents, serve their time.