Citizen Review Panels (CRP) are groups of volunteer citizens throughout the nation who are federally mandated to provide an evaluation of their State’s child protective services system. In Kentucky, the Statewide CRP is composed of members from all nine of the Department for Community Based Services’ (DCBS) regions. In keeping with its mission to involve the larger community in evaluating DCBS practices and policies, the Statewide CRP is assessing community perceptions about DCBS’ current system for receiving reports of suspected child abuse or neglect, called Regional Centralized Intake (RCI).

Starting in 2005, DCBS began the switch to using RCI out of the desire to use dedicated, trained staff for the important intake functions of accurately triaging and accepting referrals of suspected child abuse or neglect, with the intent to improve expertise, efficiency, and consistency of the intake system. For more information about Kentucky’s RCI system read DCBS’ 2009 program evaluation here.

If you have made a report to child protective services please share your positive experiences or concerns with the intake system by completing this anonymous and very short survey here. The Statewide CRP will use the results of this survey to identify the strengths and weaknesses of RCI and create recommendations to improve its effectiveness and consistency.