studentsMay is National Foster Care month and with that comes the consideration of youth aging out of the foster care system.

Too many youth in Kentucky, over 500 a year, age out of the foster care system without stable ties to a caring adult. For youth aging out of the foster care system, there are resources available to provide continued care and stability.

Before turning 19, teens in the foster care system may make the choice to remain in the care of the state through age 21. This continued care includes access to educational and transitional living supports. To find information on transitional resources for youth aged 18-21 click here.

Upon aging out of the system, these youth are eligible for health coverage through age 26, just like young people who remain on their parent’s insurance. This coverage will allow for continued medical care, prescriptions, vision exams, dental care, mental health treatment, and more medically related needs. A teen’s caseworker should apply on their behalf to continue their health coverage. For more information or questions regarding coverage, call (855) 459-6328 or visit your local Department of Community Based Services (DCBS) office. Local DCBS offices can be reached at (502) 564-3703.

True Up is an initiative in Louisville aimed at providing resources and support for youth aging out of the foster care system. True Up provides educational and experiential learning in areas such as education, career planning, financial management, health and wellness, transportation, housing and relationship building. To get involved, or for more information, visit the True Up site here.