The following post comes directly from an announcement made by the Kentucky Teen Institute. 

Announcing an exciting opportunity to improve teen health, youth leadership and civic engagement in your school and community! Applications and information available here.

The Kentucky Teen Institute, a program of the KY YMCA Youth Association in partnership with the University of Louisville, is now accepting applications for its leadership program for high school age youth and adult advisors. Applications are due April 23rd

The Kentucky Teen Institute, KTI, develops the leadership capacity of teens to lead the way to greater health in our Commonwealth. Through dynamic educational programming, teams of young people from across the state are trained to implement health initiatives in their communities and transform themselves in the process.

KTI is designed to create a cohort of young people inspired, informed, and engaged to effectively advocate for health policy change at the school, community and state level. Students will strengthen their advocacy, public speaking, problem-solving and critical thinking skills while engaging with public officials, community leaders and youth from across the state.

Participants to KTI apply in teams of two to six high school students and one adult advisor. Adult advisors can be parents, teachers, religious leaders and more.

Why apply?

  • Students will have the opportunity to learn health promotion and prevention skills that will make your school and community safer, healthier and with youth-leadership on these important issues.
  • Student-led Action Plans positively impact Program Review, such as providing students opportunities to develop leadership skills in extra-curricular activities, developing student organizations to encourage leadership skills development, and collaborating with community/business partners.  (Page 9: Reference)
  • Adult advisors (such as parents, teachers, counselors, etc) will receive specialized training on youth-engagement, teen health issues and Action Plan implementation.
  • Both adults and teens will have fun learning about health issues, making new friends, and feeling inspired to make positive changes.

Learn more about KTI here. Print out the promotional fliers for youth and adults and prominently display them at your school, Y facility or community center.

Visit our website at to download application materials.

Start putting together a team today!

See you at the Kentucky Teen Institute in June!