Kids Count Conversations

KIDS COUNT Conversations bring together community leaders and advocates – including parents, superintendents, human service providers, mayors, and more – introducing them to the 100+ local data points available through Kentucky KIDS COUNT and providing a picture of how kids are faring in their counties. Through facilitated targeted conversations, communities develop local solutions around a common goal that will move data in the right direction. As a result of these conversations, local communities have launched coalitions, developed pilot programs, and brought parenting programs to their counties, and more.

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Spotlight: Covington

KIDS COUNT Conversations can shine a light on programs that are already making a difference for kids and encourage additional investments in these solutions. The Consortium for Resilient Young Children, a regional partnership of nine organizations in Northern Kentucky, will use funds from UnitedHealthcare to expand their capacity to offer programs to help parents identify strategies they can use in the home to support children’s healthy development.

“Every family has unique strengths that support healthy homes. When service providers coordinate efforts to utilize a common strength-based language we can position families to be resilient to adversity.” –Sarah Zawaly, Director of Children, Inc. Innovations Lab in Covington

Spotlight: Manchester

After reviewing county-level data on kids in foster care, Clay County aims to equip parents with what they need to keep their children safely in their homes. With funds from UnitedHealthcare, TriCo Mentoring in Manchester will partner with healthcare, schools, DCBS, law enforcement, the court system, and other community agencies to offer Nurturing Parenting, an evidence-based program that helps bolster skills for at-risk families.

“TriCo Mentoring is excited to be partnering with community agencies to improve parenting knowledge and skills in an effort to prevent removal of children from their homes and aid in the return of children to their homes,”–Valerie Lebanion, Assistant Program Director, TriCo Mentoring

Spotlight: Paducah

Community partners in Paducah are engaging the family court system as a result of a local KIDS COUNT Conversation. With funds from UnitedHealthcare, they are launching a pilot project with family courts to better engage, support, and partner with parents using the Strengthening Families framework.

“We know children are more likely to thrive when their families have the support they need. As the Children’s Advocacy Center for the Purchase Area Region, we understand cultivating meaningful, sustainable collaborations among service providers and parents is key to successfully ensuring the best outcomes for children.” –Lori Brown, Executive Director of Lotus in Paducah

Spotlight: Glasgow

As a result of a KIDS COUNT Conversation, the community partners in Glasgow have created Bridge of Kentucky, which serves as a support system for families in Barren County. Bridge plans to lower the number of children entering the foster care system by bridging the gaps for families who struggle with what a home should truly be. Bridge received funds from UnitedHealthcare to grow a program that provides mentors for families to help guide them in becoming healthy, active, and more equipped in raising children.

“Bridge is dedicated to serving our community by creating a stronger, more personal support for families and children in need. Through connecting our services within Barren County, Bridge plans to use mentorship, public classes, and incentive programs to ensure we keep our families engaged and informed.” — Mallie Boston, Boys and Girls Club of Glasgow-Barren County

Corporate partnerships are vital to the sustainability and success of KIDS COUNT Conversations. Learn more about sponsorship opportunities, and contact Patricia Tennen at 502-895-8167 ext. 120,

Corporate partnerships are vital to the sustainability and success of KIDS COUNT Conversations. Learn more about sponsorship opportunities, and contact Contact Patricia Tennen at 502-895-8167 ext. 120,

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