Statement by Lacey McNary, Deputy Director of Kentucky Youth Advocates

Jeffersontown, KY – “Today members of the House Education Committee took a simple yet profound step forward for children in Kentucky by supporting House Bill 89, voting to put key, aggregate data on body mass index to work and tackle rising levels of child obesity in the Commonwealth. We commend Representatives Tom Burch and Addia Wuchner for filing this important legislation.

At this point, we really don’t have a good source of data to ensure that we are putting our resources in the counties that need them most or track prevention efforts already underway. HB 89 would aggregate key data from the school physical form that is already collected by schools on the state and local level, keeping all students’ individual BMI data private and confidential.

In a political environment where progress for kids is difficult to come by, BMI monitoring represents a potential common ground solution for children. Senator Harper-Angel’s companion bill (SB 32) gives both chambers and both parties an opportunity to show leadership and work together on this common sense solution to a growing problem for Kentucky’s kids.”

Download a pdf version of this news release Body Mass Index Monitoring Bill Passes House Education Committee.