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Back to School: Healthy Kids and Healthy Communities

By | 2015-08-20T13:03:02+00:00 August 20th, 2015|Blog, Health|

Healthier communities lead to healthier kids and families. As kids across the Commonwealth head back to school, maintaining healthy habits and building in quality family time becomes increasingly important. One way to improve family health and well-being, and to increase parent and community engagement, is through shared-use agreements.

In the 2012 report Sharing School Facilities, the Kentucky Cancer Consortium and Kentucky Youth Advocates explain how shared-use agreements work for communities. Kentucky kids and families need safe and accessible places to exercise and interact. Creating a shared-use agreement between a school and a community agency, such as a city government or YMCA, during non-school hours is one way for communities to increase access to safe recreational facilities. An informal agreement can allow community members to use the school gymnasium, track, cafeteria, and athletic fields without a formal contract with the community agency. Sharing facilities allow for agencies to share costs and resources.  Shared-use agreements also increase physical activity options, cultivate community partnerships, and promote family time opportunities.

Does your child’s school have a shared-use agreement? Learn more about creating a shared-use agreement within your community in the infographic below. A printable version of the infographic is available here.

Shared Use Agreements (1)