Andrea Bennett, deputy director, at Kentucky Youth Advocates was selected by Governor Beshear to serve on the Kentucky Health Benefit Exchange Advisory Board announced September 18, 2012. The Advisory Board will oversee the creation of the Kentucky Health Benefit Exchange. Under the Affordable Care Act, each state will have an exchange to begin operation Jan. 1, 2014 which will serve as a marketplace to buy insurance. The exchange will assist employers with enrolling workers in health plans, enable individuals to receive tax credits and subsidies for their insurance premiums and qualify small businesses for tax credits. Kentucky Governor Beshear authorized a Kentucky-based exchange in July of 2012 instead of opting to let the federal government set up an exchange in Kentucky. Kentucky’s exchange “will provide one-stop shop” for Kentuckians who have had difficulty finding or qualifying for affordable health insurance.

Ms. Bennett’s appointment ensures that the voice of children and families are considered during the creation of the exchange. “While we know the Affordable Care Act is a political toxic issue, right now, it is the law,” said Bennett. “The ACA is moving forward whether we like it or not and we want to ensure this new system positively impacts children and families.” Ms. Bennett brings expertise in child health policy to the advisory board and is committed to ensuring the decisions made concerning the Kentucky Health Benefit Exchange benefit children in the Commonwealth.