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Safe Harbor for Kentucky’s Children

Guest Post by Gretchen Hunt, Training Coordinator, Kentucky Association of Sexual Assault Programs The statistics are staggering.  Nationally, between 100,000 and 300,000 children are vulnerable to being trafficked into commercial sex in the United States. Runaways and homeless youth are particularly vulnerable, with one in three being exploited in commercial sex in the first 48 hours of being on the streets.  The average age of entry into prostitution in this country is between twelve and [...]

By |2013-02-11T07:38:41-05:00February 11th, 2013|Blog, Child Welfare & Safety, Youth Justice|

Limited Resources, Unlimited Student Opportunities

  Guest Post by Terry Wilson, Service Coordinator at Berea College Although many students don't officially drop out of school until high school, the student's disengagement with their schoolwork can almost always be traced back to an earlier age.  If the problem isn't addressed prior to attending high school, those students will almost surely be overwhelmed once they enter high school and are very likely to give up and drop out. To prevent this we must [...]

By |2013-01-29T12:41:54-05:00January 29th, 2013|Blog, Education|
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