Tracking Impact of COVID-19 on Kentucky Kids and Families

This issue tracker will continually be updated.

Impacts on the Youth in the Juvenile Justice System

  • Ensure the Health, Safety, and Education of Youth in DJJ Facilities
  • Safely Release Youth from DJJ Facilities and Ensure Supports for Youth and Their Families
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Impacts on the Child Care Community and Families with Young Children

  • Connect Essential Workers to Child Care
  • Continue Child Care Assistance Program Payments
  • Support Child Care Centers as Small Businesses
  • Continue supports for the HANDS home visiting program
  • Provide ongoing guidance on reopening of child care
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Impacts on Health Care and Coverage

  • Connect families to health coverage
  • Share clear guidelines of when families should access care and health professionals can provide care
  • Support the state budget with an increase in federal Medicaid dollars
  • Provide adequate Personal Protective Equipment for essential workers
  • Provide ongoing guidance on utilizing telehealth services
  • Ensure children have access to needed behavioral or mental health services
  • Ensure access to COVID-19 testing for all Kentuckians
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Impacts on Child Welfare Systems

  • Address parental stress, isolation, and substance abuse to prevent child abuse
  • Ensure child abuse and neglect can still be recognized, reported, and investigated
  • Support staff who continue to provide services to kids and families
  • Provide additional guidance and support for kinship caregivers
  • Improve the court process so that hearings can proceed
  • Ensure kids in out-of-home care continue to receive behavioral health services and visitation
  • Support former foster youth who are in school and independent living
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Impacts on K-12 Education

  • Provide Non-Traditional Instruction (NTI) to K-12 students
  • Provide nutritional support to K-12 students
  • Support students with special needs
  • Provide guidance on grading practices, promotion, graduation ceremonies, and other unknowns
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Impacts on Families’ Economic Security

  • Ensure Access to Food Assistance
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