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Champions Stepping Up for Kentucky Kids

At the 14th annual Children’s Advocacy Day at the Capitol, hundreds of advocates and youth gathered in the Rotunda to celebrate wins for Kentucky kids in the 2017 legislative session and to rally in support of priorities on the 2018 Blueprint for Kentucky’s Children agenda. Kids win when leaders step up for them and the General Assembly took action in 2017 on a number of Blueprint for Kentucky’s Children legislative priorities. Because of those [...]

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Statement by Dr. Terry Brooks on CHFS Announcement to Pay Eligible Relative Caregivers Foster Care Payments

Contact: Mara Powell 502-895-8167 *122 Statement by Dr. Terry Brooks, executive director of Kentucky Youth Advocates The Cabinet for Health and Family Services is moving forward with plans to make financial assistance payments to eligible relative and fictive kin caregivers of children placed in their home by the Cabinet after the October 2017 U.S. Supreme Court ruling. This announcement is profoundly good news for Kentucky kids and families. It certainly is aligned with Governor [...]

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Statement by Dr. Terry Brooks on Passage of the Federal Budget Deal

Contact: Mara Powell 502-895-8167 *122 Statement by Dr. Terry Brooks, executive director of Kentucky Youth Advocates We applaud Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for championing the bipartisan budget deal that makes critical investments in children’s health and well-being. This deal is a win for children and families in Kentucky and across the nation as it makes vital investments in child care assistance so parents with limited income can work, along with extending Children’s Health [...]

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Statement by Dr. Terry Brooks on SB 69 Passing Senate Education Committee

Contact: Mara Powell 502-895-8167 *122 Statement by Dr. Terry Brooks, executive director of Kentucky Youth Advocates Kentucky students deserve to learn and grow in a safe environment with effective educators committed to each student’s success. Today, the Senate Education Committee passed Senate Bill 69, which would ensure Kentucky students have educators who work effectively and safely with children by implementing a balanced process for reviewing cases when an educator is dismissed. The tribunal process, [...]

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Much to Like and Room to Grow

During the fall of 2017, much of the talk and focus in Frankfort was around the budget and pensions. Questions abounded among those watching for signs of what this budget would hold. What would pension reform look like? Would tax reform be taken up at the same time? If not, what cuts would state agencies face? The wait ended in mid-January with the release of the Governor’s proposed Executive Branch Budget for the Commonwealth of [...]

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“Open Ears, Open Hearts, And Open Minds”

At the 14th Annual Children's Advocacy Day rally on January 18th, Cynthia Schepers, a college student from Jefferson County and a member of the First Lady’s Youth Leadership Council, shared her story with hundreds of advocates in the Capitol Rotunda. Read her story below or watch her speech as part of the rally on our Facebook page. Welcome to the 2018 Rally for Children’s Advocacy Day! My name is Cynthia Schepers, I am 22 years [...]

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Advocates Gather in Frankfort for Children’s Advocacy Day

Hundreds of Kentuckians from across the Commonwealth, including over 150 children and youth, convened in Frankfort today for the 14th annual Children’s Advocacy Day at the Capitol. They urged elected leaders to support the Blueprint for Kentucky’s Children, a unified agenda for child advocates across the state. “Today, youth, faith leaders, teachers, social works, pediatricians, elected leaders, and many others unite to ask our leaders to make Kentucky children a priority during the 2018 legislative session and [...]

2018 Kentucky State Budget: the Governor’s Proposal

The real takeaway from tonight’s address from Governor Matt Bevin is a question: What kind of commonwealth do we want to be? Is it one in which needed protections for kids are absent and a rising tide of poverty is pervasive? A place where families struggle to stay together and early investments for kids fall to the wayside? Or will we as a commonwealth move towards an environment in which current challenges do not cloud a brighter [...]

Gifts for Kentucky Kids? Pragmatism and Guts

This post originally appeared as an op-ed in the Courier Journal on December 22, 2017.  In Tom Loftus’ recent piece, “… Matt Bevin Reaches His Defining Moment as Governor,” we saw a Christmas miracle. Governor Bevin and Representative Jim Wayne, certainly no political doppelgangers, agreed about the imperative of revenue enhancements. The governor wisely — and bravely — proclaimed, “You can’t cut your way into everything. You can’t.” It’s not as if Kentucky has not tried the [...]

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Statement by Dr. Terry Brooks on the KY House Adoption Work Group Recommendation

Contact: Mara Powell 502-895-8167 *122 Statement by Dr. Terry Brooks, executive director of Kentucky Youth Advocates Today, the Kentucky House Adoption Work Group presented recommendations after their eight-month study. First, we appreciate the work of Representative Meade, Representative Jenkins and all members of the Work Group on this critical and complex issue. It is a real compliment that this bipartisan group of leaders had the persistence and vision to dig into perhaps the most [...]

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