Speak Out Against Cuts to Children’s Programs

Beginning April 1, 2013, the state stopped accepting new applications for the Child Care Assistance Program, which helps low-income families pay for child care. Research is clear that parents are more likely to work when they have reliable child care, and they find it challenging to work when they do not.  Helping families pay for child care makes it more likely they can get and keep a job.  Several past waiting list studies indicate that without child care assistance, parents turned to welfare.

The state has also stopped new applications for the Kinship Care Program, which provides financial support to non-parental, relative caregivers, like grandparents. This program prevents children from entering foster care or group homes. Research shows that kids recover faster and better with relatives than with strangers, even well-intentioned strangers.

Cuts to kinship care subsidies will make it harder for grandparents and other relatives to help kids recover from abuse or neglect and drive more kids into the foster care system. Cuts to child care subsidies will undoubtedly force some families to make drastic decisions; including quitting their job or leaving their children in inadequate and potentially unsafe care that puts the children at risk of harm.

Take Action

Our leaders need to hear from you about how the Child Care Assistance Program and Kinship Care Program cuts are affecting the state.

Contact Governor Steve Beshear and your state legislators and tell them how you or your organization has been impacted by these cuts. Ask them to restore funding to the Child Care Assistance and Kinship Care programs.

Call Governor Beshear at (502) 564-2611 or click here to send a message electronically.

Click here to find your state legislators and their contact information.