Kentucky’s Health Benefit Exchange Website – Kynect – Launches

Governor Beshear recently announced the launch of Kentucky’s Healthcare Connection – kynect. This is Kentucky’s Health Benefit Exchange created under the Affordable Care Act. Beginning October 1, kynect will allow individuals, families, and businesses to compare and select insurance plans and to find out if they qualify for programs like Medicaid or Kentucky’s Children Health Insurance Program (KCHIP).

The website provides some basic, introductory information about kynect including a fact sheet for families. Help will be available to those navigating the new system through insurance agents, kynectors (or application assistors), and a customer service phone line. More information will be coming soon.

You can also follow kynect on Facebook and Twitter.


  1. I was looking for the application for this kynect program. My family and I will probably qualify because my kids have well care and Wic! My husband and I pay 500 dollars little more for health insurance! Can we all be joined to this program? And how do I get an application? Thanks

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