BMI Monitoring

In order to address the problem of obesity, solutions must be informed by data. Currently, all Kentucky data related to weight is self-reported and has shown to be under-reported. Also, there is no county level data on child obesity available for the school aged children population in Kentucky.

Our Work

  • With our partners in the Blueprint for Kentucky’s Children, Kentucky Youth Advocates has been encouraging a system to monitor body mass index through the required school physical for children entering kindergarten and 6th grade to obtain this data since 2010. Read our issue brief  Body Mass Index (BMI) Monitoring.
  • In 2011, Kentucky Youth Advocates worked on a bill which would have implemented a body mass index monitoring system. While the bill failed to pass, the Kentucky Department of Education committed to implement the system through administrative regulation. The Department has taken steps to revise the school physical form to include body mass index. The 2012 school year was the first year the form was available so it will take a few years to have quality data to compare. While several positive steps have been taken, Kentucky Youth Advocates is still monitoring this process to see if it has the intended results.