Managed Care

Medicaid and the Kentucky Children’s Health Insurance Program (KCHIP) provide public health coverage for children living in low-income families. Since 2011, Kentucky has undergone major changes to its Medicaid program by bringing in multiple private companies to run Medicaid in order to save costs.

At this point, the national experience with managed care has been both positive and negative. In some cases, managed care has produced dramatic savings and improved health outcomes. In other cases, the reverse has occurred, and the cost-saving strategies used by managed care companies have compromised the well-being of plan members by making it more difficult to navigate an already complex health care system.

Our Work

  • Kentucky Youth Advocates is monitoring this new system to ensure children’s health is not negatively affected. We are talking with parents of children on Medicaid and KCHIP through focus groups to identify ongoing issues and also positive experiences with the new system to use in our advocacy efforts with state officials and the General Assembly.