Alternative Programs

Alternative programs have grown rapidly as an educational option for students who are not successful in the traditional classroom.  Quality alternative programs can be a valuable tool in keeping youth engaged and raising high school graduation rates. The quality of alternative education programs in Kentucky varies widely with some programs providing an excellent alternative learning environment for students and others doing little to prepare students to become productive members of our communities. Several significant changes are necessary to ensure that these programs fulfill their important role of helping students complete high school and be prepared for the workforce.

Our Work

  • The successful passage of House Bill 168 during the 2012 General Assembly prohibited superintendents from assigning teachers or staff to an alternative program as the result of a disciplinary action.
  • The Kentucky KIDS COUNT 2012 County Data Book includes an opening essay on recommendations for building on recent improvements to Kentucky’s alternative education programs in order to create and sustain a high-quality learning environment so all students can succeed.