Economic Security


2014 KIDS COUNT County Data Book, September 2014


2013 KIDS COUNT County Data Book, Updated July 2014

A State Earned Income Credit Would Help Kentucky Families and Local Economies, Updated December 2013


A State Earned Income Tax Credit Would Help Kentucky Families and Local Economies, April 2012


Switch to Sales Tax is a Bad Idea: It would Raise Taxes for Most Kentuckians while Reducing State Revenues, January 2011


Kentucky KIDS COUNT 2010 County Data Book, November 2010 –  focuses on key state, county, and district-level measures of economic well-being and opens with an essay on how to increase access to work supports for Kentucky families.

Recession Impacts Children and Families in 2010-2012 Budget Session, August 2010

Needs of Kentuckians Rise during Recession, Balanced Approach Needed to Meet Demand, February 2010

Kentucky’s Structural Deficit: Well-Documented and Persistent, January 2010

Recurring Budget Shortfalls Require Balanced Approach for the 2011-2012 Budget, January 2010


Increasing the Minimum Wage Rate: A Net Benefit in Kentucky, June 2009

A Cycle of Debt: Kentucky Families Share Their Experiences with Payday Lending and Other High-Cost Financial Services, June 2009

Understanding the Federal Economic Stimulus Legislation and the Expected Impact on Kentucky, May 2009

Remedy for the Budget Shortfall: More Budget Reductions, More Fund Transfers, and Limited New Revenue, February 2009

Weighing Budget Shortfall Options in Times of Economic Crisis FY 2008-2010, February 2009


Payday Lending: Whittling Away at Working Families’ Income, February 2008


The High Price of Being Poor in Kentucky, July 2007

The High Cost of Being Poor: Families Speak Out, July 2007