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Keeping Kindergartners Out of Court

Contact: Mara Powell 859-496-5524 JEFFERSONTOWN, KY – A new issue brief released today by Kentucky Youth Advocates, Keep Kindergartners Out of Court: More Effective Responses to the Behavior of Young Children, highlights the importance of responding appropriately to young children who get in trouble to build safer communities and more successful kids. “Kids whose favorite book is Green Eggs and Ham can be charged with a crime in Kentucky,” said Dr. Terry Brooks, executive director [...]

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A Mother’s Christmas Wish: Peace of Mind and Joy in Reuniting

An efficient and effective youth justice system holds kids accountable, helps them grow up to become contributing members of their community, and increases public safety. Kentucky has made strides in improving its youth justice system in recent years with the passage of SB 200 in 2014. This Christmas wish is from a parent of a teenager with autism who, as a 13 year old, inappropriately responded to what he perceived as a solution, and resulted [...]

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Guest Post: Let’s Ensure School Safety for All Students

By Amanda Bear Schools should be a safe, secure place for all children. A recent report released by Children’s Law Center, Inc. finds the use of restraint and seclusion on children in Kentucky schools is often unnecessary – especially for young children and/or students with a disability – and can be harmful. At the November meeting of the Juvenile Justice Oversight Council, myself along with Lucy Heskins of Kentucky Protection and Advocacy and Mr. and Mrs. [...]

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Announcing the Blueprint for Kentucky’s Children 2017 Priorities!

Last year we unveiled a new Blueprint for Kentucky’s Children with three cornerstones: thriving communities, strong families, and successful kids. Today, we’re launching the 2017 Blueprint policy priorities with partners and youth from across the state with those cornerstones in mind. We invite you to learn more about the Blueprint and to get involved! Read the 2017 Blueprint for Kentucky’s Children policy priorities here. Learn more about the priorities and hear from decision makers in [...]

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Investing in What Works – For Kids, For Families and For Communities

Kentucky has seen substantial progress in the past couple of years on the number of youth locked up in Kentucky. As Justice Cabinet Secretary John Tilley shared in a recent interview, we’ve safely reduced the youth prison population by half by focusing on community-based services. This matters for kids, because research shows that adolescence is a time when children’s brains are still under construction and the architecture of the brain is being built. The trauma [...]

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Consistency, Communication, and Collaboration: Making School Resource Officers Work Best for Student Safety and Success

School Resource Officers (SRO), or law enforcement officers working in the school, were created to improve the safety of schools in response to school shootings. After years of being in place, we’ve learned what works for student safety and success, as well as pitfalls that create unintended consequences. This fall, the Juvenile Justice Oversight Council (JJOC) discussed ways Kentucky can improve the role of School Resource Officers in schools to address safety needs without unintended [...]

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Vote for Kids!

Your vote is your voice! In celebration of National Voter Registration Day, we encourage all Kentuckians of voting age to register. The November 8th ballot will include presidential candidates, as well as U.S. representatives and senators, Kentucky state representatives and senators, and U.S., state, and local judge seats. Children count on adults to speak up on their behalf. In fact, we've put together 5 reasons why Kentucky kids are depending on you to show up at your polling place [...]

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Kids Should Be Treated Like Kids: A Presentation to the Juvenile Justice Oversight Council

Children are not little adults. We don’t expect a little league baseball player to pitch like a high school player. Young children start at the very basic level with a tee and an adult guiding them on how to hit the ball off of the tee. As they get older, year-by-year, they move up to machine pitch, then coach pitch, and eventually kid pitch. Just as we treat kids differently in sports, a presentation at [...]

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Kentucky’s Juvenile Justice Reforms: Shifting from Implementation to Integration and Collaboration

Kentucky’s juvenile justice reforms have reached their first year of full implementation and we are seeing positive results in making sure the state’s response matches what youth need to keep them from committing future offenses. Now with implementation well underway, the state agencies can work on ensuring implementation is meeting the standards of SB 200’s requirements for all youth in Kentucky. An analysis by the interim Commissioner of the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) presented [...]

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All Youth Deserve Opportunities to Thrive

Last week marked a seminal moment for Kentucky at the System of Care conference. Kentucky leaders tackled head on a challenge that has been facing Kentucky for years – disparities by race in outcomes for children. We’ve known for some time that racial disparities exist for kids in Kentucky. While the issue cannot be solved in one conference, beginning a broader dialogue about the issue represents a milestone along the path to ending disparate outcomes [...]

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