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Kentucky Kids Need Your “WHYs?” and “WHAT IFs?”

This week, the New York Times featured an article from Warren Berger, the author of the wonderful book "A More Beautiful Question." Berger reminded organizations of the power of asking, “Why?” and “What If?” Two weeks ago you read about the data side of the recently released 2016 National Kids Count Data Book. This week I’d like to apply Berger’s interrogatives to that data. WHY does child poverty get ignored in the political chatter in Frankfort? And [...]

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The 2016 National KIDS COUNT Data Book: Is Kentucky Top Dog or Rock-bottom?

This week, we co-released with the Annie E. Casey Foundation the national 2016 KIDS COUNT Data Book. We get pretty excited about this release because the Data Book provides the best assessment of how Kentucky’s children and youth are faring in comparison to those across the nation. Let’s face it, we live in a very competitive state – think basketball and horse racing – so we eagerly await the Data Book to see if Kentucky [...]

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Send in Photos of Your Kentucky Kids

Kentucky Youth Advocates is looking for photos of Kentucky kids to include in the 2016 Kentucky KIDS COUNT County Data Book and other Kentucky Youth Advocates publications. We know you all proudly share pictures of your kids and grandkids by carrying them in your wallet and posting them on Instagram and Facebook. Here’s a great chance to promote those great kids through Kentucky Youth Advocates’ materials. We need your photos by August 31st so please start sending them in. In order to [...]

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The Story of 1 of 135,000 Kentucky Kids

Ashley* shares her story as part of the release of a new KIDS COUNT® policy report, A Shared Sentence: The Devastating Toll of Parental Incarceration on Kids, Families and Communities. She is one of 135,000 Kentucky children who has had a parent incarcerated, according to data collected in 2011/2012. By Ashley When I was 12, I discovered that my mom was addicted to drugs. It was hard for us from then on. As her drug addiction worsened, my [...]

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A Shared Sentence

Policy debates about incarceration rarely focus on the impact on children. Yet, we know that when a parent is in jail or prison, it creates an unstable environment for kids that can have lasting effects like poverty, changes in living situations, and mental and emotional health issues. A new KIDS COUNT® policy report, A Shared Sentence: The Devastating Toll of Parental Incarceration on Kids, Families and Communities, estimates 135,000 children in Kentucky have had a parent incarcerated, according [...]

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Good Public Policies = A Brighter Future for Kentucky Kids: A 25 Year Retrospective

For 25 years, Kentucky Youth Advocates has produced an annual Kentucky KIDS COUNT County Data Book providing data on child well-being for professionals, policymakers, and community members working to improve the lives of the children and families in the Commonwealth. We collect state and local data to show how kids in Kentucky are faring because of our firmly held belief: What gets measured gets changed. To mark the 25th anniversary, we decided to take a [...]

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Community Leaders Weigh in on KIDS COUNT Data

This past Sunday, three community leaders wrote op-eds for the Courier-Journal, highlighting specific solutions relating to data in the newly released KIDS COUNT County Data Book. Following are excerpts from their op-eds; visit the Courier-Journal online to read the full text.   Keeping Kentucky children safe from harm by Randy Coe Randy Coe is president of Kosair Charities®. Read his full op-ed, including specific policy solutions to keep kids safe from abuse and neglect here. [...]

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25 Years of Kentucky KIDS COUNT

1990. Nelson Mandela was released from jail. The Berlin Wall fell. Operation Desert Shield began in response to Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait. Microsoft released Windows. The first web page was posted on this new concept called the world-wide web. Fox aired a new type of programming called The Simpsons. Home Alone was setting the box office on fire. And Kentucky Youth Advocates released the first ever Kentucky KIDS COUNT County Data Book. Since 1990, [...]

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Get Ready for the 2015 County Data Book on November 15!

On Sunday, we are releasing the 25th edition of the Kentucky KIDS COUNT County Data Book. Be sure to return to our website on Sunday to check it out. When you do, here is a checklist you can use to make sure you take full advantage of the 2015 County Data Book. Beginning on Sunday, download your 2015 County Profile at Give this one-pager to the community leaders and officials in your county along with [...]

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The National KIDS COUNT Data Book: Addressing Questions to Help Us Move Forward

In its recent release of its annual “Answers Issue,” TIME asserts, “It’s an irony of the second Age of Reason that the abundance of data—the effervescence of sources and ease of delivery—makes so many more questions answerable while at the same time making it very easy to get lost.” And then the magazine’s preface teases answers for everything from the most dangerous U.S. intersection to the safest places to live, as well as revealing where [...]

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