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When It Comes to Education, a “C” Won’t Cut It

Education Week recently released the 21st annual Quality Counts report, which looks at state-by-state education performance on a number of measures, including chance for success, finance, and achievement. Kentucky's overall grade was a "C" and overall state ranking was 28th in the nation. Given many of the challenges facing Kentucky's kids, like poverty, this report is a testament to the hard work and professionalism being applied every day, in every schoolhouse by Kentucky's teachers and principals. And [...]

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Announcing the Blueprint for Kentucky’s Children 2017 Priorities!

Last year we unveiled a new Blueprint for Kentucky’s Children with three cornerstones: thriving communities, strong families, and successful kids. Today, we’re launching the 2017 Blueprint policy priorities with partners and youth from across the state with those cornerstones in mind. We invite you to learn more about the Blueprint and to get involved! Read the 2017 Blueprint for Kentucky’s Children policy priorities here. Learn more about the priorities and hear from decision makers in [...]

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Face It Policy Wins Keep Kids Safe

Kentucky Youth Advocates is a proud member of the Kosair Charities® Face It® Movement, a coalition of nearly 30 partner organizations committed to ending child abuse and neglect in Kentucky. Face It’s efforts to end child abuse can be seen from classrooms to the Capitol building, and the Movement’s recent 2016 progress report recaps the policy wins that will keep more children safe from abuse and neglect:   2013 Win Advocated for a panel to [...]

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How Does Kentucky Measure Up on Key Child Care Policies?

A new report examining statewide child care policies recognizes Kentucky as one of 31 states that has improved on key policies, yet finds that too many families nationwide are not receiving the help they need to thrive. The need for a better child care infrastructure to support working families is drawing attention from both presidential candidates, and there’s good reason. Simply put, child care helps children, families, and communities prosper. High quality child care gives [...]

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Consistency, Communication, and Collaboration: Making School Resource Officers Work Best for Student Safety and Success

School Resource Officers (SRO), or law enforcement officers working in the school, were created to improve the safety of schools in response to school shootings. After years of being in place, we’ve learned what works for student safety and success, as well as pitfalls that create unintended consequences. This fall, the Juvenile Justice Oversight Council (JJOC) discussed ways Kentucky can improve the role of School Resource Officers in schools to address safety needs without unintended [...]

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Vote for Kids!

Your vote is your voice! In celebration of National Voter Registration Day, we encourage all Kentuckians of voting age to register. The November 8th ballot will include presidential candidates, as well as U.S. representatives and senators, Kentucky state representatives and senators, and U.S., state, and local judge seats. Children count on adults to speak up on their behalf. In fact, we've put together 5 reasons why Kentucky kids are depending on you to show up at your polling place [...]

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Restraints at Schools Present Risks to Students and Staff

This post originally appeared as an op-ed in the Courier-Journal on September 20, 2016. Read it online here. Children in Kentucky’s public schools spend a minimum of 170 days a year in the classroom. For some students, one or more of their days could find them in a situation where behaviors, classified as beyond control, lead to a staff member in their school employing a physical restraint or utilizing a seclusion room. This reality is especially true for [...]

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Improvements to the Child Care Assistance Program Go into Effect Today

Good news! Several family-friendly improvements that will increase access to child care go into effect September 1, 2016. 1. More families are now eligible for child care assistance. Thanks to Governor Bevin and the Kentucky General Assembly, income limits for child care assistance are increasing to 160 percent of the current federal poverty level, up from 150 percent of the 2011 federal poverty level. This means that a family of 4 making up to $38,880 will [...]

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Tips for a Safe and Successful Back to School Transition

Back-to-school time can mean a lot of changes for students and their younger siblings, parents, and teachers. Even when the change is positive and brings along new opportunities, it can often bring about stress. Below are some ideas to help get you through the transition whether you are a teacher, parent, or a person who loves them. Reducing stress and strengthening relationships keeps kids safe and connects families and their community. Talk to Your Kids Some [...]

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Helpful Back to School Tool for Kinship Caregivers

As kids across the Commonwealth head back to school this month, we must remember the 53,000 children being raised by grandparents and other relatives and the unique challenges they face. Kinship caregivers often have informal arrangements and do not have legal custody or guardianship of the children in their care. The informality of care can make it difficult for kin to enroll children in school or access educational or healthcare services. In 2014, the Kentucky [...]

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