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A Breakfast, A Refresh, and the Next 40 Years

As we celebrate our 40th year as Kentucky’s independent voice for kids, we take the first step into our next 40 years. Today, at our annual breakfast, we announced Kentucky Youth Advocates’ brand refresh. As we advocate for policies that give children the best possible opportunities for a brighter future, we continue to move forward with our strong vision – to make Kentucky the best place in America to be a kid. A special thank [...]

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1 in 4 Kentucky Kids Still Live in Poverty

Children thrive when their parents can earn a living and meet the basic needs of their family. And yet, year after year, we see an unrelenting pattern – too many kids across the Commonwealth growing up in poverty. Fighting poverty is a tough and complex proposition, but there are actions that can be taken at federal, state, and local levels that will immediately make a difference. It’s really about political will and not policy viability. [...]

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Kentucky Kids are Counting on Continued Gains in Health Coverage

New health insurance data released by the U.S. Census Bureau revealed that the percent of people with health insurance (of all ages) in Kentucky increased from 85.7 percent in 2013 to 94.9 percent in 2016. Kentucky now has the 8th highest rate among states of people with health insurance. The one-year estimates from the American Community Survey revealed that 96.7 percent of Kentucky children under 19 had health insurance in 2016, compared with 93.6 percent in [...]

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Celebrating Kentucky Grandparents

Every year, the first Sunday after Labor Day, the United States recognizes and celebrates Grandparents.   Grandparents are important members of our families as they are the keepers of our family history, provide insight and advice on life’s milestones, and help keep family connected. In Kentucky, there are tens of thousands of grandparents who have also stepped up to raise their grandchildren.    There are several reasons for grandparents to raise their grandchildren, including parental death, parental substance abuse, military [...]

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Local, Data-Driven Oral Health Solutions Across the Commonwealth

This past May, Delta Dental of Kentucky announced it would be providing $1 million to launch five regional oral health networks across Kentucky. From local business leaders and health practitioners, to educators and dental hygienists, these five regional networks are comprised of a diverse group of stakeholders with one common goal: to improve oral health in their communities. Over the last several months, each regional network has had the opportunity to meet and discuss its [...]

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Guest Post: 5 Tips for a Safe And Successful Back to School Transition

This post originally appeared as a blog on the Face It® Movement to end child abuse website. The 2017-18 school year is officially underway, and back-to-school time can mean a lot of changes for students and their younger siblings, parents, and teachers. Even when the change is positive and brings along new opportunities, it can often bring about stress. Face It is sharing five tips for a safe and successful transition back to school with a focus [...]

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Going Back to School with Kentucky Kids

There was some serious excitement in my house last week, as my youngest daughter began kindergarten. The day before her first day, we went into school to deliver her bag of school supplies – crayons, markers, scissors, notebooks, and glue sticks. We visited her new classroom and found her spot at the table with her name and met her new teacher. We hung her first-day-of-school outfit in her closet and got her new Shopkins backpack [...]

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Celebrating a New Law to Keep Kids Safe from Abuse

The end of summer means the start of a new school year. For many children and families, this means getting to know new teachers, babysitters, and child care providers. While this can be worrisome for families, a bill recently signed into law will help put families at ease and ensure employers and parents have the information they need when hiring individuals that work with children. The signing of Senate Bill 236, was the result of [...]

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Kids Win When Congress Prioritizes Them

This post originally appeared as an op-ed in the Courier Journal on August 4, 2017. By Dr. Terry Brooks City BBQ features the best brisket I have ever eaten! It also features an array of “front porch gems of wisdoms” that make you both smile and think. Taken from a gas station in North Carolina, one reads: “If con is the opposite of pro, is Congress the opposite of progress?” It’s no secret that for many years [...]

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Guest Post: Advocating In My Hometown

By Hannah Givens As an intern at Kentucky Youth Advocates, my summer project focused on my hometown of Greensburg in Green County. I focused on data points that KYA and the Annie E. Casey Foundation produce on children and their well-being for Kentucky and nationwide. With the upcoming 2017-2018 school year on the horizon, I presented to community leaders who work with children on a regular basis and that make decisions that affect our Green County children. [...]

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