Staff & Interns


Debbie Abreu, Oral Health Coordinator, ext. 131

Tina Agonva, KYA Staff, ext. 123

Terry Brooks, Executive Director, ext. 113

Paul Colwell, Data Analyst, ext. 129

Kelsey Dimar, KYA Staff, ext. 110

Tara Grieshop-Goodwin, Chief Policy Officer, ext. 118

Dale Ike, Chief Financial Officer, ext. 119

Mahak Kalra, Policy Director, ext. 114

Harper Kelly, Policy Director, ext. 133

Shannon Moody, Policy Director,  ext. 126

Mara Powell, Communications Director, ext. 122

Zak Roussel, Operations and Technology, ext. 116

Amy Smith, Chief Development Officer, ext. 132

Amy Swann, Senior Policy Analyst, ext. 115

Patricia Tennen, Chief Officer of Strategic Initiatives, ext. 120

DeWayne Westmoreland, Director of Case Advocacy and Youth Engagement, ext. 111

Jessie Whitish, Director of Strategic Engagement, ext. 121


Alexandra Arachikavitz

Marina Kirtland

Ashley O’Neil